Open Test Strategy

2 min readAug 16, 2023

Open Source Code, Stack Overflow were the starters where I was introduced to the depth of this world of programming. Open source became a platform for every developer in this space where they go for a coffee date with anyone’s codes.

So, why not have something like that for testing as well? Well, development is incomplete without the testing.

The concept

Open Test Strategy is a concept on this same lines which won’t be about the test terminologies(you can easily google this). This is about opening tests. How would you test something? How would you test anything quickly? What to test? The test plans, the test suites.

Why would someone open about how they test?

It’s similar to open source libraries, which are open telling about some extent in generic ways. Then, why not tests? Test teams establishing stuck on planning how to setup, it’s about sharing that. It’s about sharing how someone can test using similar strategies and not exactly the test suites.

Working as a developer with testers and as a tester with developers, there are obvious reasons why the both parties think the other is nuts. If you’re a Software Developer in Test as well, it’s like being stuck in 2 parallel universe — a universe of creation and a universe that makes the creations better.

There’s one place where these both worlds can meet — Test Strategies. It binds a team from a Team Lead to the new joinee developer of that team. Test strategies evolve with team and organisation.


I’ll be sharing my ways of testing while addressing some of the most common issues of testing in an organization as the open test strategy. Use it, modify it and share it — that’s what Open Test Strategy is about.

Originally published at on August 16, 2023.