5 mistakes a newbie hacker makes

Hanisha Arora
3 min readOct 10, 2021

Welcome back to the roadmap. How is it going? It’s time to discuss avoiding mistakes a hacker makes while learning. Hope you have completed what was discussed in the last article, which was to know about people. We have learned about gathering information passively about an organization or people until now, before we move forward into the terminal for knowing how all this works, we need to understand what to avoid that every beginner makes be it a hacker or penetration tester before you feel like this.

I’m lost

Avoid these

1. Being impatient with growth

Ethical Hacking, penetration testing or be it anything in Cybersecurity, these all get a lot of hype. A hype of an attractive path, a hype of people asking you to hack, a hype of becoming a tester, etc. There are lots of hypes that bring impatience and we even stop the small steps that we take daily to become a tester.
Solution: Things do take time, create daily and monthly goals of learning to see your growth.

2. Trying to do everything together

Every step in this roadmap or whatever you’re following for learning penetration testing may make you feel to read everything all at once. This way you’ll read but you may not learn. Read a part, practice it and then move ahead.
Solution: If you’ll try to do everything, you will learn nothing. Do one thing at a time, practice, and move ahead.

3. Neglecting the path

We generally read various medium blogs, vulnerability reports and try to replicate them. It’s a good thing to do this. You must know what’s happening and how can you do that. But, should not merely depend on them. These articles will help to increase your knowledge bank but if you’re following them for learning, your basics may not be clear.
Solution: Start from basics. Take up a course, read a book or we have a roadmap too.

4. Not practicing

Until you won’t practice, you won’t understand it. Most people procrastinate to practice while reading. Practice is much more compelling to move ahead than just reading because when you see what you have learned.
Solution: You need to practice whatever you read.

5. Running behind money

Money is one of the reasons one runs behind when learning penetration testing. Hackerone, bug crowd and there are many such platforms where companies offer security researchers money. It’s good to explore them and try them out but they should not be the alone reason why you’re doing this.
Solution: Start learning and till then keep exploring these platforms. Go professionally on them once you are done with your basics at least.

Apart from these, there are some minor changes that you need to find in yourself. For now, start with these mentioned above, and here’s your to-do for the next:


  • Analyze yourself and note down what mistakes you did.
  • Find a way to get out of the grip of those mistakes.

Keep practicing and stay tuned!

Originally published at https://haox.hapot.in on October 10, 2021.